Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anwar Sadat - Mutilation b/w Demarcation ep

Label: Sophomore Lounge
Year: 2012

Dudes, have you heard this band? Wait....sorry....dudes, and that one girl, have you heard this band?
They started life as many Louisville post hardcore bands do, under the influence of the Dischord Records long roster of arty, angular, and driving proto-emo and post punk bands. Which, has a particularly strong foothold in Louisville, not for good reason, but worth noting.
As they've grown into their own sounds they've seemed to pull in more of that late 90's GSL records jittery, bordering on spastic but not actually spastic, version of English post punk circa 1977 (think of Wire as distilled by The Convocation Of). Their last album has a lot of that slicing, attacking scree tempered with an underlying nod to the simple pleasures of a pop song.
But, lets hit on this particular two song release that I feel finds the band in their sweetspot, and that is taking those same elements mentioned before and putting them into a car that's driving 100mph towards a cliff. Everything about the songs is amplified and hits harder and more intensely.
If you're putting them into the Louisville music continuum then you can certainly hear the Crain and Rodan in their DNA, you will get a taste of the frantic blister of Sunspring, they don't come out of the gate quite as aggressively as Young Widows but you may recognize some of the same discordant guitar squalls, and a good bit of Metrocshifter's take on tension-and-release style hardcore shows up in the mix, and you can probably make a comparison to the latter works of Lords and Breather Resist with their chokehold (no, not Chokehold) brand of hardcore. But sadly, no Kinghorse influence here. There's always next record.

Highly recommended.


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