Friday, November 7, 2014

Årabrot - S/T

Label : Fysisk Format
Year : 2013

Norwegian noise rock from Oslo. This being their 6th lp and also being my favorite LP of  the year. It may be a year old, but it's new to me.. so there!!  Årabrot have been at it since 2001 and I'm just now hearing them, I kind of slept on this band (where have I been??) . I just got the vinyl in the mail and haven't stopped playing it. Real sludgy and doomy, but also very Melvins influenced. It also reminds me of early Voivod  and Celtic Frost at times. The vocals really helped me sink into these guys. Great tribal off-tempo drumming helps tie it all together. 

I came across this on one my Bandcamp sessions. Listening to band after band, trying to find something new to get into... well I found it. I have been on a Årabrot kick for the past two weeks and have been able to find some of their other LP's as well. I think with a few listens you will either love this or just kind of The whole lp is up on Bandcamp if you require a listen before you commit. I ended buying two of their lp's as a result. It's sounds borderline metal at times, but also you can kind of tell they are taking a piss at some of the black metal that Norway is so infamous for. If you like metal with your noise rock, you'll abso-fuckin-lutely love this! - Slander

Favorite track - Throwing Rocks At The Devil

01.Ha-Satan Deofol
02.Throwing Rocks At The Devil
03.Arrabal's Dream
04.Blood On The Poet
06.Blood On Bunny
07.Drawing Down The Moon
08.The Horns Of The Devil Grow
09.The Bitter Tears Of Könt
*(mp4 of the video for Ha-Satan Deofol included)

(If you are looking to purchase some Arabrot vinyl, it's a bit pricey because they don't seem to have a  decent US distributor.. but after some digging around I was able to find their LP's on Amazon for a fair price.)

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