Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wolfbait - Wolfbait

Label: Art For The Blind
Year: 2012

Remember when Keith Morris warns, "If I don't find a way out of here, I'm gonna go berserk, cause, I'm crazy and I'm hurt, head on my shoulders"? Yeah. Well, this band has basically created an 8 song cassette that reanimates those words into a sinister amalgam of creeping noise, frantic hardcore, and blown out damage. It's so very satisfying in its malice.
There's a feeling of Zeni Geva's mechanical grinding, the borderline industrial pounding, overlaid with Swan's ominous black malevolence, and a coated in pure droning hum.
It will undoubtedly get your attention. It will certainly rattle your co-worker's psyches. And it will most assuredly bring you off whatever high you're currently riding.
So good.


1 comment:

dgen said...

Holy shit this is good. Definite cop/young god worship here

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