Monday, October 6, 2014

Rocket From The Crypt - All Systems Go

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1993

With a discography as seemingly impenetrable as Rocket From The Crypt's, the casual fan must rely on the ole compilation to help parse through the melange. If you're the guy who already has three different variations of the split 7" with Septic Death, then no doubt, you're already covered. But, if you're not so deeply ensconced in the alternate-universe stadium rock of Rocket From The Crypt, meaning Gary Glitter (pre-pedophilia of course) by way of The Stooges, with hints of The Clash and Wilson Pickett, then this can be a great point of entry. Most of these songs preceded their debut album "Paint As A Fragrance", and for my money (which isn't much...times are tough) far superior material. Revved up soul influenced punk rock, but without some of the kitsch that creeps into the later work, and less horns involved, which is always a good thing.
John Reis is one of those rare talents in modern music who seems to have a never ending supply of great ideas and tunes, from Pitchfork to Drive Like Jehu to Rocket From The Crypt to Night Marchers to Back Off Cupids to Sultans to I'm sure ten more bands. The guy should be knighted.
Not to discount the rest of the band, they're certainly no slouches, but the vision is that of Reis and his dedication to getting you moving is unmatched. Good timing music for good times.


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144 said...

hey, thanks. one of my favorite bands. favorite record is probably State of Art is on Fire. I never knew about this comp, I just found out about it in a very roundabout way and this seems to be the only blog hosting it. My christmas present.

they never toured near me ;_;

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