Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thug - Everything Is Beautiful In It's Own Way

Label: Grudge
Year: 2001

First off, let's preface this by saying, this "Thug" is an Australian noise/rock band from the mid to late 80s, not the "Thug" that was associated with Bovine Records in the early 90s. Clear? Nice.
Also, I can't pretend to know much at all about this band, I had only heard of them in the context of Beasts Of Bourbon, as they share a member in Tex Perkins, who then (apparently) went on to minor fame in Australia as a member of The Cruel Sea. I happened upon a couple Thug releases and thought they might be of interest to you folks as well, this one being a compilation, that was put out on a Universal imprint no less, of their recorded output, which consisted of the Fuck Your Dad 7", Mechanical Ape/Proud Idiots Parade lp, and Electric Wooly Mammoth lp. Supposedly. I'm trusting the internet on this one (the internet doesn't lie).
Musically, it's within the realm of Boredoms, the Residents, Whitehouse, Chrome...maybe Captain Beefheart...maybe some Butthole Surfers. Noise basically. Fucked up, weird, seemingly cut and paste, noise. Sometimes that's more exciting than others, and this record has some hits and some misses, but ultimately it's an interesting listen to say the least. 
Like I said, I'm no authority on this band, nor am I an authority on this style, but I listened to it, and I liked it, so there's a good chance you will too. There's even some fart sounds that occasionally made me laugh. You like farts right?

*Originally posted 03-10-09, reposted 09-15-14


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for you to re-post this. If I had the chance to find this in a record store in Arizona, it would probably be out of my price range. Thanks for being my staple source for outsider noise, keep it coming.
Parker Weston

Anonymous said...

Now, you know I like farts. Hearing, making, and why even smelling them. Farts rule and so do you.

Anonymous said...


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