Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Label: self released
Year: 2010

Prior to being a James Beard awarded pastry chef, Brooks Headley was busy playing the drums in Universal Order of Armageddon, Born Against, Wrangler Brutes, Men's Recovery Project, (Young) Pioneers, Skull Kontrol, and The Great Unraveling. Ever heard of any of 'em? Well, concurrently, while being a James Beard awarded pastry chef, Brooks Headley plays drums in a band called well as the occasional Universal Order of Armageddon reboot, and a band called C.R.A.S.H (along side Dean Spunt, one half of No Age and former Wives, and Cundo Si Murad who was in Wrangler Brutes, Le Shok, and Nazti Skinz), and he's playing in the live version of Stephen Tanner's new project Music Blues. He stays fit.
Mick Barr may or may not know how to even assemble a grill cheese sandwich, but prior to attempting to make lunch he has played guitar in Krallice, Crom-tech, Jasta 14(!), Orthrelm, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Quix*o*tic. Ever heard of any of 'em? Well, he too likes to keep the hot hand while pulling together his midday meal, and currently plays in Ocrilim, Octis, and Or:12r3 (all essentially variations of the same thing. Also, no slouch, his riffing and noodling are pretty much legend.
Together, these two men could feed an army.
Afterwards, they could rev that same army up for battle with this set of noisy, ripping, knotted, vaguely black-ish metal burners. Gets me pretty hyped anyway. Four star meals down your throat, metal up your ass.


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