Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monster Truck Five - Singles

"Monster Truck Five are up next, they rule". Words you can hear Chris Spencer utter at the end of Streetsweeper which not surprisingly led me onto this band. Pretty obscure at the time and so were their singles. Distortion pedal set to 11. Yes, a very corny thing to say but very applicable in this case. Overblown noise rock, indecipherable lyrics and lo-fi recordings. This pretty much covers all their singles, apart from those on a couple of compilations. The band also released a stunning 10" record on Chrome Frog and 2 albums on Sympathy for the Record Industry. These longer releases are slightly more coherent with more of a blues/garage mantra to them...but still pretty blown out. You will find references to a third album called "Cracker" (on SFTRI) but there never seems to have been an official release (unless you know different?).

1991 - Split 7" (w/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments on Datapanik Records)
1993 - Ain't Never Been 7" (Anyway Records)
1993 - S.F. Sister 7" (Chrome Frog Records)
1994 - Vandal-X 7" (SFTRI Records - original recording 1990)

*Originally posted 02-16-10, reposted 09-25-14

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