Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Note From Human Resources

Dudes (and that "her").

As you will no doubt see below, we have taken the time to repost some older material from the dark recesses of the blog in response to requests for just that. You will also note how infrequent those reposts are (as opposed to our stellar track record for posting new things, right?), and how long between the request and the actual reposting is. And for good reason.
While I appreciate anyone reading this blog, much less taking the time to send an email or comment, I have a finite amount of time that I can invest in it's upkeep. Obviously, that time is "better" spent on getting new music out there for you to hear, or remember, or purchase, or ignore, wouldn't you agree? There is also a certain "you snooze, you lose" mentality here at the ole Shiny Grey Monotone, which is as much about some perceived level of exclusivity as it is about sheer sloth and malaise.

All that being said, when you are nice enough to politely ask, we are prone to oblige.

Finally, I still don't know where our fearless leader Ipecac is, or when Ipecac will return (if he/she/it does choose/is allowed to return). I wish him/her/it well and godspeed.

Thank you for your time,


mvllet said...

You know we appreciate it. You guys and Satisfraction are pretty much the only noise rock blogs that still post with any regularity.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with mvllet. On another note, what happened to our beloved MUFC? van Gaal is going to spend even more during the January transfer window. I can't believe how good di Maria is. He is a passing phenom.

Gray said...

I'm in disbelieve over what's happening at Manchester United! Would it kill them to get some fucking defenders on the payroll?! How many more strikers and goal scorers do they need?! And more importantly, how shitty must Wayne Rooney feel when they continually sign offensive minded players again and again? First it was van Persie, then Fellaini (who sucks), then Mata, then Di Maria, and now there is talk of bringing Ronaldo back in January...which is nuts!

I have high hopes that van Gaal can pull it together, but they have GOT to shore up the back line first. I mean, losing to Swansea and Leicester, and tying Burnley, Sunderland is a fucking joke...holy shit.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt. They loaded up on too many attackers without any defense. I think they were hoping to demoralize the opposition by scoring more often and with no thought to any clean sheets. Losing to Leicester 5-3 after being up 3-1 was incredible.

After the Moyes debacle and the awesome stateside summer tour I was expecting much more.

Yeah Rooney has to be under massive pressure these days. I like Mata but have a feeling he'll be gone come the new year. I think the Ronaldo move will come to fruition since MU has seriously deep pockets. Missing out on the Champions' League hurts but not terribly. Adidas is paying out over a billion dollars over the next ten years to be a sponsor. Two rebuilding years boggles the mind though.

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