Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inch - This Will Fall On Dead Ears

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1998

A few years back we (the royal we...it was more specifically the less regal "me") posted the debut Inch album, and I gave you my full thought process on middle 90's scam indie record labels, and credibility, and college radio and all that jazz (except we didn't talk at all about jazz as a genre...and probably won't ever...serves no purpose). So, there's no need to rehash that discussion, you can certainly go back and re-read it if you so desire, but honestly...you don't.
Now, the question is, what happened to Inch? You had some guys who had played out in the greater San Diego music scene (Helicopter and Sub Society). They put out a record on a mock-indie label, which must have gotten enough "spins" on college radio to warrant the full blown major label release of their next full length (which I've never seen, so much as heard). That record mustn't have done well enough (did they ever?) for the label, and they cut ties with the band, who would reappear a year later on local stalwart label Headhunter to release their final output, that is now presented to you.
Will you like it? Depends. Do you generally enjoy the "mellow darkness" of San Diego styled melodic post hardcore? Is that descriptor too vague? And when I say San Diego styled melodic post hardcore, you know I'm not talking about Drive Like Jehu or Rocket From The Crypt right? It's more about Fluf, Creedle, or Chune, not even Boilermaker or Tanner or Black Heart Procession. It's a narrow window.
When it's "on" it's got a good, satisfying Garden Variety kind of feel with a dose of later Verbal Assault even. When it's "meh", it's got a definite Sensefield vibe going on. And when it's not so hot...I'm not real sure, there's a little electronica in there (remember that?), and some ballad-y piano driven thing.
The singer/guitarist for this group unfortunately passed away in 2010, which sucks, I hate hearing that.
See what you think, and get back to me.



Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the other day, when looking thru all the comps you've posted, that you've gotta be from San Diego, cause every one of em included at least one San Diego band. I guess this post kinda confirms that. please post more obscure '90s San Diego stuff!

Anonymous said...

everything i learned about san diego i learned from the "thanks list" of the reason to believe album. why the fuck else would i have EVER bought the fishwife snailkiller album?! i mean look at that fucking cover. it was almost embarrasing to purchase. that being said, fishwife and pitchfork opened my eyes to a much wider musicsphere in 1990.

and that being said, i would assume gray was trying on a sweet pair of crosscolours at the newXstart headquarters around that time. he's about as san diego as....i dont know, as something funny i can't think of.

as for inch? this was one of those "i work at the college radio station and this was in the free bin" kinda albums.

love, phil.

Gray said...

Phil, as usual, is correct. I am about as San Diego as...something "funny". I'm not from there. I did pay taxes to the city at two separate addresses in Golden Hill (B Street...holla!) from the years 1998 through 2001, but I wasn't born and raised there.

Phil does overestimate my Cross Colours collection (which didn't start until living in Athens, Georgia, post-New Start Posse), but is right to point out their importance in my life. A Fresh Jive tshirt, and a sick pair of cut-off Cross Colours? Unstoppable rave power!

Reason To Believe slays ballzzzzzzz!

Anonymous said...

so where's the fishwife discography on this site anyway? -phil

Anonymous said...

hey man thanks been looking for this forever. if you ever get your hands on the unreleased aminiture album please unleash it on us

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