Monday, November 18, 2013

Arcwelder - Jacket Made In Canada

Label: Big Money Inc
Year: 1990

Multiple vocalists can be a good thing (see: Queens Of The Stone Age circa "Songs For The Deaf"), or a terrible thing (see: any of the "good cop/bad cop" metal-y hardcore bands, or those nu-metal bands that had a rapper and a yeller), and in the case of Arcwelder...I'm not sure. On this record the different vocalists come across as far more different in range than on subsequent records (although still ALL sounding somewhat like Bob Mould...Minneapolis I guess). So, the first couple tracks might sound like they're not quite bringing the thunder, but then track three, "Missing" comes along, and you're all "yessssssssssss". The band can swing a rock song with a potent accuracy when called upon. Right square onto that memory receptor part of your brain.
Arcwelder seems to garner underdog status among the Touch and Go family (and yes, I realize this was not released on Touch and Go, thank you), and I'm not sure why they weren't "bigger" or considered every bit as good as the other seminal bands on that label from the early 90's heyday.
I also theorize (in my spare time, this is what I do) that Dave Grohl was probably a big fan of Arcwelder, as the first few Foo Fighters songs I ever heard had an Arcwelder undercurrent in them.



suicideofthescorpion said...

Cool --- this has got to be ridiculously out of print. I saw them a couple times in Cleveland in support of the next couple albums. They were a great live band. As you say here, their releases don't necessarily hold the same fury as other things on Touch and Go, but there are some gems on every album. They are 'hit and miss' - like Husker Du - which is a fine thing to be. I would rather that a band try to be their own thing and fail to grab me sometimes, then try to be what they think I want to hear, and just piss me off. Thanks again!

kittyempire said...

Great album. I take your point about the 2 vocalists, but I reckon 'Daydream' is a great song.

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