Monday, July 1, 2013

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 11

Label: N/A
Year: 2013

Back from vacation, back from the dead.
Time to get back into the Shiny Grey Monotone Radio series, am I right?
This volume is a pretty good testament to the range of the blog, like, did you think you could get from big dynamic emo of Shiner to the head bashing industri-drone of Brainbombs in a matter of a few songs? Also, please note, Nirvana makes their first appearance in the SGM Radio archives with this show. Took long enough. Same could be said for Bitch Magnet, Seaweed, or Melt Banana I suppose.
'Tis a good one for a car ride, this Show 11.

The bands:
Retribution Gospel Choir
The Life And Times
Trumans Water
All The Saints
Bitch Magnet
The Icarus Line
Gay For Johnny Depp
Yah Mos
Wymyns Prysyn
Melt Banana



Wild Thing said...

it's been a while and I'm glad you're back! \,,/

Alex Placidyl said...

What's up with I Hate Myself and Want to Die? I'm not sure if I have the legit single version (or what version this is), but mine definitely does not have that echo effect applied to it.

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