Wednesday, June 19, 2013

gobblehoof - freezer burn

label: new alliance records
released: 1992

this band should be called "some guys that know j mascis"

for one...he produced this album (he also played the drums on the band's first album...1989's SELF-TITLED)

you may recall the pre-dinosaur jr band deep wound....

deep wound vocalist charlie nakajima shows up here

as does one time dinosaur jr. drummer george berz

as does kurt fedora (who randomly shows up on dinosaur jr. albums)

so what you get here is a little deep wound and a little early dinosaur jr. and a little king missile and a little faith no more

and really...that can't be all that bad,yeah?

that's what i thought

DL: freezer burn

1 comment:

Nacho said...

good! i have DEEP WOUND first ep in vinyl with J Mascis on drums.
downloading this... hehehehehehe

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