Wednesday, July 31, 2013

tyranny is tyranny - let it come from whom it may

label: phratry records
released: 2013

you remember the united sons of toil,yeah?

and you probably remember me mentioning these guys here before,yeah?


you need proof?

SGM for the win

but i digress

this is where russell (vocals/guitar) and jason (drums...though he plays guitar here) went after the united sons of toil split up a few months back

tyranny is tyranny carries on in the direction of the united sons of toil...but heavies it up a bit

i've read some other reviews of this album that are located on the interwebs...and they seem to like to use the words "amphetamine" and "reptile"...but honestly...i don't hear it...when i gave it a listen...bands like keelhaul...neurosis...later era melvins...karma to burn sprang to mind


and you may listen and say "why no mention of isis?"

well...i'd already mentioned


that's right

i said it

but really...the only thing that's able to give you a trustworthy review are your earholes and your brain

that's right...i just dropped some science on you

and you're also going to want to pre-order the vinyl

DL: let it come from whom it may


Rusty said...

Thanks for the support as always. Appreciate it Ipecac!

Daniel said...

Glad to see someone drop the Keelhaul name. That might get me to listen.

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