Wednesday, July 31, 2013

melvins - peel session 1991

this was sent to us by a fella that goes by the name of brian lewis

he knows of SGM's love of the melvins (as it written on bathroom walls all over town)

mr. lewis also has a blog that you all need to check out

this is what he says about this:

here we have an uncirculated (as far as i'm aware) melvins live in-studio peel (or bbc radio) session circa 1991. this show is on the b-side of a bootleg cassette i acquired a long time ago. (the a side & the beginning of the b-side has the chicago 9.13.91 sbd show which has already been well circulated)

i can only speculate that this live session was recorded around the time of the TANX 7"

none of these songs appear on the above mention 7"

so with that being said...

1 - creepy smell
2 - grinding process
3 - zodiac
4 - heater moves and eyes
5 - oven
6 - leech
7 - raise a paw
8 - green honey
9 - ligature (partial)

DL: melvins peel session


Anonymous said...

seems unlikely that this is a Peel Session see -

zvns said...

that link is referring to the 'Tanks' 7'' vinyl with the songs mentioned on that page. this "peel" show is possibly a live in-studio show. Between some of the songs you can hear just a couple ppl clapping. It doesn't sound like the typical bootleg live concert (to me anyway). There is no other information other than the "live peel" that is on the cassette liner.

Georg Cracked said...

I don't care either way. If it is Melvins, I say thank you and grab it.

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