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pageninetynine - the discography

"punk rock should mean freedom. liking and accepting anything that you like. playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want. as long as it’s good and it has passion." -kurt cobain

 that quote is used at the beginning of the very first pg99 song i'd ever heard...and it couldn't describe them any better

the song is "in love with an apparition" (but it was mislabeled as "your face is a rape scene"...a title the band took a lot of flack for)

i got into them after they'd already broken up (1998-2003) through the wonderland that was (remember that site?...when i'd read about it getting bought out and being turned into something "better" i pillaged it for all it's was the only record store that i could make it to at the time...the town i was living in was pretty small...and the idea of "punk rock" was wearing baggy pants and listening to my chemical romance while falling off of your skateboard...i was an anomaly in those parts)


i once had a dvd that i'd ordered that had live performances of circle takes the square...pageninetynine (and if i remember of caterpillar and majority rule)...and the stuff that was filmed for the pg99 part looked as if it had taken place in a closet...the band (which went from anywhere between 6-14 members) crammed into a corner surrounded by what looked like fifty people...and it just looked so sweaty and intense (as all good things should be)

and they'd been tagged as "screamo"...but they were so much more than that

and i dig the way they'd title their albums as a way to remember an event...and that's just what these guys were and their singer's (chris taylor) artwork makes a pretty bad ass tattoo

well...enough with the'd think that i was dating the entire band

they have links to such bands as city of caterpillar (bassist kevin longendyke/bassist brandon evans/drummer johnny ward)...malady (vocalist chris taylor/bass player kevin longendyke/drummer johnny ward/guitarist johnathan moore)...mannequin (vocalist chris taylor/guitarist mike taylor)...pygmy lush (vocalist chris taylor/drummer johnny ward/guitarist mike taylor)...haram (guitarist mike taylor/bassist kevin longendyke)...and hissing choir (vocalist chris taylor plays bass)

and now....the music

(i should mention that the splits only have the pg.99 tracks)

DL: document #1
DL: document #2
DL: document #3
DL: document #4
DL: document #5
DL: document #6

an added bonus...because we here at the SGM dig you folks....

it's the pageninetynine reunion that took place during best friend's day in richmond,va back in 2011...they play DOCUMENT #8 in it's entirety

1 - in love with an apparition
2 - your face is a rape scene
3 - life in a box
4 - we left as skeletons
5 - punk rock in the wrong hands
6 - ballad of circling vultures
7 - hollowed out chest of a dead horse
8 - lonesome waltz of leonard cohen
9 - the list

DL: pageninetynine @best friend's day

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