Sunday, July 7, 2013

helmet - strap it on

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1990

you know helmet

you like helmet

and you probably think the song "rude" sounds like early clutch

well...i do

though i can understand you not wanting to think like me

but seriously..."rude" sounds like early clutch

"where are you going with all of this?"

nowhere in particular

but by you reading all of this...i've successfully been able to steal the last soda from out of your refrigerator

you went to check...didn't you?

like i'd be in your house

as for your neighbor's house....

DL: strap it on


Nacho said...

i had a band in 1994 that we played the song "FBLA" included in this record. we ate all the shit of our city and no recognition. what a stupid public we had!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a "guitarist wanted" flyer posted by Clutch (then called Glut Trip, I believe) on the wall at the old 9:30 club in Washington, DC. It said "influences: Helmet and Prong". Thanks for bringing back an obscure memory.

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Unknown said...

Hey, I just recently saw the Color of Noise documentary and I'm on a huge AmRep kick. Your blog was very helpful. Thank you!

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