Monday, July 15, 2013

p - self-titled

label: caroline records
released: 1995

this is kind of an odd pairing...gibby haynes and johnny depp (and some other guys)

apparently they'd met while mr. depp was filming WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE...and then eventually they were all like "you know what,man? let's jam"

and jam they did

and then they got folks like flea...the sex pistols' steve jones...and andrew weiss (rollins band) to show up here and there

and i think they had a video that was shown on the mtv a time or two (though i may be wrong about that)

the band has the distinct infamous-ity ('s a word) of playing the viper room the night river phoenix was having a seizure just outside on the sidewalk (he died a few hours later)...and all of this went on whilst the band were in the midst of playing their song "michael stipe" (the song includes a few mentions of river phoenix)

musically...this sounds like just about everything else that was popular andalternative at the time

but you should still snag it up

so go it


DL: p

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