Tuesday, July 16, 2013

leaders of men - 2.25.11 - 89.9 wort - madison,wi

yesterday would've been ian curtis' birthday

so...what better reason to post this business

"and what is this business exactly?"

well...you may recall that once upon a time there was a band called the united sons of toil

and the fellas also had a little side project going on that went by the name of...you guessed it...leaders of men

yes...that's the title of a joy division song

so...as you can probably guess...they played joy division covers

vocalist/guitarist russell hall was bernard sumner

drummer jason jensen was stephen morris

bassist bill borowski was peter hook

and then there was a fella that goes by the name of chris vance...he was ian curtis (uncannily so)

this was something the band had done while promoting the united sons of toil album WHEN THE REVOLUTION COMES,EVERYTHING WILL BE BEAUTIFUL

so...if'n you're of the ilk that likes it when bands become other bands and actually sound so much like the band they're becoming that you start asking yourself if you're actually listening to the band that the band became...

1 - colony
2 - a means to an end
3 - disorder
4 - transmission

DL: leaders of men

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