Thursday, July 18, 2013

dink - self-titled

label: capitol records
released: 1994

nitzer ebb
post LA SEXORCISTO white zombie


DL: dink


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't shown much gratitude through the years. Thank you for all the great music.


suicideofthescorpion said...

Nice call on this... some fellow Northeast Ohio boys who put on great, loud, high energy shows and then (like many others) were eaten and spit out by a major label. The band is named after Dink's Grocery, a Brady Lake, Ohio wormhole of a baitshop. The song 'green mind' was a minor hit (in Ohio at least) and features samples of our Cleveland uber-conservative used car salesman Bob Serpentini (his real name) who used his radio spots to rage against leftists and foreigners.

I think they have a version of 4 dead in ohio out there somewhere too. Thanks again Ipecac. As I've said before, shinygreymonotone is THE REASON WHY THERE IS AN INTERNET. Balls were meant to be toasted and eardrums were meant to be shattered.


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