Thursday, July 18, 2013

baby chaos - safe sex,designer drugs & the death of rock 'n' roll

label: eastwest
released: 1994

for the most part...listening to the radio was pretty ok back in the 90s

it had it's moments

listening to this will bring back memories of cruising the ol' fm dial back in the day

and it may even shake lose a long lost memory of the time you and your friends were taking one of your random road trips...and (insert friend's name here) was in charge of controlling the radio...and one day...for whatever reason...he let 10 seconds of (insert shitty 90's band song title here) get played...and you then proceeded to pull the car over and made him get in the back....maaaaaaan was he steamed....

but i digress

don't let the comparing of this band and music found on the radio scare you off

this too has it's moments

i'd originally bought this on cassette when it came out (though i don't rightly remember why)...and ever since then...the first 22 seconds of the song "saliva" have been stuck in my head

it also brings to mind some soundgarden and some therapy?

and you like those things,yeah?

so yeah....

DL: safe sex,designer drugs & the death of rock 'n' roll

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