Wednesday, June 12, 2013

rorschach - autopsy

label: gern blandsten
released: 1995


hey,kiss it goodbye.

hey,playing enemy.

you're welcome.

DL: autopsy


Anonymous said...

any chance of some STICK MEN WITH RAYGUNS?

Bernardo said...

Good one. Does anyone know if the 2xLP reissue of the full lengths is worth it? I've read it's a remix, which IMO is always a bad idea.

centrifuge said...

nice! thanks :)

(and hey... i can honestly say i was - sort of - in on the ground floor for this one... i bought *protestant* as soon as it was released, having already got the needledpack 7" and the demo... these guys were mixing hardcore with metal before practically anyone else had attempted it...)

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