Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hivebent - U Neutral

Label: Terra Firma
Year: 2013

Stop whatever you are currently doing, please. Whatever it is can wait, it will be there when you get back (unless you happen to be babysitting, and if that's the case, shame on you, you should be paying attention to the baby! But for reals, if you are babysitting, just turn on the television or give them something to eat, or tether them to a tree or something. That will actually increase your chances of them still being there when you get back), and you're going to want to hear this.
This band, Hivebent, you are going to love this band. They sound like something that could have been sharing bills in Boston with Slughog, Luca Brasi, Milligram, Throttle, Bull-Roarer, maybe La Gritona circa 1998, or sharing bills in Austin with Cherubs, Ed Hall, Johnboy, and Drain circa 1994. The kinds of shows that repelled women, and left your temples aching 72 hours later. Gritty, mean, nasty, sweaty, poorly ventilated shows. Shit you and your buddy would talk about years later...good ole days shit.
Hivebent are fucking killing me right now. Let them kill you, before you end up killing yourself.



Anonymous said...

ok, i am dloadin it, so well see...

Nacho said...

fuck yeah!

leonelultimo said...


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