Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Age - Weirdo Rippers

Label: Fat Cat
Year: 2007

I kinda, sorta thought that this record had been posted already. Here. By me. But that seems to not have been the case, so here, by me, it is.
I love the way this band careens though songs rife with fuzzed out power pop, blistering noisy hardcore, and art damaged soundscapes. It's always interesting, but not in a head scratching way, in a "man, this really picks up a lot of elements from music I've liked for fucking years now, and splices it together in a fun'd they manage that?" kind of way.
You've no doubt heard of No Age, so you probably have formed your own opinion about them by now. But if not, this is a pretty good primer record to test the waters with. It collects songs from a series of eps they put out in 2007 (Get Hurt, Dead Plane, Neck Escaper, Sick People Are Safe,  and Every Artist Needs A Tragedy), but not all the songs from those records...just the "greatest hits" or something.
For a modern point of reference, think: Abe Vigoda vs. Wavves vs. Deerhunter.


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