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V/A - Pickle Patch - Compilation Series number 1

Label: Dim Mak
Year: 1999

The Pickle Patch was a co-op house in Isla Vista (H.I.V.) that existed for a few years in the late Nineties (well, I imagine the house is still there, but it's doubtful the current residents are privy to the Pickle Patch legacy), that housed a handful of hardcore college folks (hardcore about "hardcore", not hardcore about clarify), and anytime you get a couple of hardcore dudes under one roof, you have enough power strips, and aren't afraid to lose your security deposit, you're gonna get house shows. It's just how it goes. Sorry landlords.
I lived in Isla Vista ever so briefly one summer, just down the street (Sabado Tarde, represent!), and was good friends with one Pickle Patch resident and Atlanta ex-patriot, Mike Phyte (currently of Outer Loop Management), and had the privilege of meeting and playing Sunday morning soccer with the other housemates, Brett, there was an Andy, and Steve Aoki (currently the famous DJ, who I occasionally see on television doing....stuff) who's label released this effort. Top quality people.
The living room/kitchen venue hosted a surprising array of bands touring at the time, and I'm amazed that, not only did they get so many shows without being shut down, but that the recordings of each show came out so well. This doesn't sound like a boombox recording of a band completely blowing out the levels, all drums and the rest noise style. The recordings are amazingly clean and balanced.
If you had any interest in late 90's hardcore, post hardcore, or related bric-a-brac, then this one is for you, you can probably guess which bands aged better than others. Originally it came with a zine (didn't everything from 1999 originally come with a zine?).
The bands:
Creeper Lagoon
St. James Infirmary
Blue Ontario
Atom and His Package
Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live
The Third Sex
Butch Bowen
Former Members Of Alfonsin
Fury 66
Planes Mistaken For Stars
Shane Smith
Dynamic Seven
Submission Hold
I Wish I
The Thrones
No Knife
Give Until Gone
The Most Secret Method


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