Thursday, January 17, 2013

black sabbath - sabotage

label: warner bros.
released: 1975

it's been said by me before...and it bears repeating: all you need are the first 6 black sabbath albums (and even though i've slagged the NEVER SAY DIE! album in the past...the song "a hard road" gets me pumped every time i listen to it)

in my opinion...this is where black sabbath came to an end (no no...we've already had the dio discussion...and the same goes for all of the other guys as well)

on this album...the band continued to distance themselves from the dooooom they'd become known for (which they'd started to do on their VOL.4 album)...and started becoming even more experimental/progressive sounding...mixing all that was good about the previous two albums (the above mentioned VOL.4 and SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH)

and just so you know...for those of you that are going to go out and buy a copy of sabbath's new album when it gets released (titled "13")...there's no such thing as a "reformed black sabbath" without bill for new music from the band...all i should have to say is "psycho man"

DL: sabotage


Nacho said...

i don´t like black sabbath. i dont like black flag. i can play guitar like tommy iommi and greg ginn, but i prefer listen to the cramps. my opinion is this: heavy metal music is the cancer of music. the more instrumental technic you have, the worst music you hear.


Wild Thing said...

I don't like this album of BS, I prefer early ones, but the fate is so unreal that I had to post something! lol

@nacho:you're right, make you a favour and go back to mtv base...

Nacho said...

i hate mtv, jersey shore is for losers. i only see AlJazeera channel

Gray said...

I'm stoked to have Nacho back on the comments scene! His wit and acute perceptive skills are unrivaled.

I mean, who else would ever say that they "don't like" Black Flag or Black Sabbath? That's some fourth dimension reasoning, and I for one, welcome his input to the blog.

Nacho por presidente!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Symptom of the Universe, why are you at this blog?

The L-RV said...



Sabotage is the unsung pinnacle of Sabbath.

Well played, Ipecac.

The rest can "hug these nuts".

Nacho said...

are you talking to me? huh huh

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Anonymous said...

hmm it a different one

Anonymous said...

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