Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thee Mighty Caesars - John Lennon's Corpse Revisited

Label: Crypt
Year: 1989

If the previous Cramps posting got you all hot and bothered for more sleazy rock music, then please direct yourselves to Thee Mighty Caesars. They play wild, unhinged, trashcan punk rock as well as anyone, and manage to add a literary tenderness not often associated with music this primal.
This record was their last collection of new material before the band split and Billy Childish went on to release about two albums a year for the next decade.
Simple, direct, effective, and a couple choice covers thrown in for good measure. What more could you ask for?



industrialnorth said...

Can't beat a bit of Billy Childish, two thousand albums that all sound practically the same, genius! Have you heard the fairly recent album by the Vermin Poets, billy on guitar and vocals from the geezer from the Fire Dept? Cool stuff.

Mouldysauerkraut said...

John Lennon wasn't the only musician.

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