Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us

Label: I.R.S.
Released: 1989

The first Cramps album, originally released in 1980, then re-released (for the thousandth time) with extra tracks in 1989. And even the causal fan of music that's "different" will know what this sounds like. But, in an effort to educate "the youth", you can pretty much draw a straight line from The Cramps to Tav Falco's Panther Burns to Flat Duo Jets to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to The Chrome Cranks to the Quadrajets to Immortal Lee County Killers and White Stripes, and currently Black Keys.
Basically, fucked up rock-a-billy blues shake. Good timing music. And possibly you're best chance to "relate" to your parents on a musical level (assuming your parents are from the Southern United States of America, and sorta rednecky...or they were ever in a band on Estrus Records).
It's a record you just "should" have in your arsenal, put it that way. Also, bonus points; it was produced by Alex Chilton.



Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I bought the Drug Train ep in Chesterfield... I later swapped it at a record fair for Led Zep's Studio Daze... still not sure if I did the right thing...

Anonymous said...

Actually is 1979 but its ok time is relative anyway

Anonymous said...

They knew how to properly keep tradition alive.

Anonymous said...

Your review is obnoxious.

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