Friday, January 11, 2013

sonic youth - goo

label: dgc
released: 1990

i have a confession to make...i was at one time obsessed with kim gordon's legs...i don't know what it was about them...but there was something....

"but what about her panties?"

that's steve albini's territory

and that brings us to GOO (no...not literally,perv)...the first album in what i like to call their "more accessible trilogy" (GOO/DIRTY/EXPERIMENTAL JET SET,TRASH AND NO STAR)

who here watched the video for "dirty boots" back in the day and was all like "hey,man...i want that,man"?

who here has seen the video for the silversun pickups song "lazy eye" and was all like "waitaminute...i've this is kinda similar to..."?

so...most..if not all..of you should know who sonic youth are

and should already own this

this is a trap

we all now know about your lack of GOO (again...not that way,perv)

DL: goo


Anonymous said...

love this album so much♥

Dean Spicoli said...

I was and still am obsessed with Liz Phair's legs, but never with her cerebellum.

Edward Kerri said...

I think Courtney had better legs. Actually, Thurston had even better legs!

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