Monday, January 28, 2013

dead kennedys - plastic surgery disasters

label: alternative tentacles
released: 1982

it would appear that "the dead kennedys" are going to be touring again with some guy named ron "skip" greer playing the part of jello biafra

if the band were smart...they'd just hire the actor french stewart...and let him mime along on stage

but...the band aren't all functions should've halted after february 21,1986

"so...are you gonna slag on black flag too?"

you know what...i'm not

but if you must know...i'm leaning towards the morris/dukowski/stevenson/egerton version of the band (aka "flag")

that's right...i said it...

but i digress...

the dead kennedys


DL: plastic surgery disasters


Dr. Drunk said...

Ha! French Stewart. Awesome idea!

Great post.

By the way, since you didn't ask, I'd have to say the Chavo 'Jealous Again' era is my fave.

Wild Thing said...

I'm with you for the DK. Jello & TSOM are incredible live...
FLAG! Hope to see them @Hellfest (France), that's the best "version" of the original band...Shame Hank doesn't play...

MarsHottentot said...

I'm having major existential dread over the Black Flag thing. FLAG doesn't interest me because no Greg, but Black Flag makes me nervous because an untempered Greg is also bad!


This was my first Dead Kennedy's record back in '85, bravo!

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