Tuesday, January 29, 2013

black face - i want to kill you/monster 7"

label: hydra head records
released: 2011

with all of this talk about there being 2 black flags...in all honesty...this is the only the only thing i'd like to see taken on the road

"what does this have to do with black flag,bro?"

well...this is chuck dukowski  with oxbow frontman eugene robinson on vocals and former oxbow member tom dobrov on drums and milo gonzalez on guitar (he also plays with chuck in the chuck dukowski sextet)

and what they do is play a song originally intended for black flag back in the MY WAR days ("i want to kill you") and a swa (which was a band that dukowski was also involved in while in black flag) cover ("monster")

you could totally convince someone that this is black flag

and honestly...eugene robinson makes a far more confrontational vocalist than henry rollins (think about it...how would the skinheads have handled themselves if he fronted the band back then?)

DL: black face


V-Thrax said...

Thanks So much. I've looking for this...like...Foreveeeer!

Much Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent! I think Rollins should get in on the act too, dignified silence bedamned - call himself Hank Flag (I think that Kira Wassname who played bass that he hated on so much in get in the Van but then apologised to is still available?) Not that we'll probably get to see anything in grey old england - unless we wanna schlep down to Kent to see Ginn at some weird metal fest no-one's ever heard of...!

Cheers, ATP

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