Thursday, January 24, 2013

archons - ep II

label: none
released: 2005

what we have here is another one of those iowa bands that like to play that sludgy stuff that you all know and love

actually...they're not from iowa...but have roots in see...there was once a band called sludgeplow...they were from iowa city...they then did what all bands seemed to do back in the 90s and made the move to seattle...where they eventually broke up after releasing a few demos and eps...and then 2/3 of the band took off to san diego,ca (vocalist/bassist chad hartgrave and drummer scott driscoll) and became archons (where they were joined up with a guy that goes by the name of jeff doom on guitars)

the end.

so...with all of that being said...if you liked the sludgeplow that was posted...this will be right up your alley


you need more bands?


happy now?

damn kids.

DL: ep II

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