Tuesday, November 27, 2012

v/a - live at emo's

Label: Rise
Year: 1994

this was originally posted by grAy waaaaaaaaay back in the year 2009

remember 2009?....there was this new thing called the interweb (or something like that)....and cell phones were the size of a shoe...and steve albini was president for a week before being assassinated,,,,

good times

You can thank the fantastic plebeians who frequent this very blog for thine pleasures bestowed before thee. The clarion call rang out from on high for Live At Emo's and two people delivered the goods, so I offer my sincerest gratitude to you. 
I didn't realize how awesome this record is. It couldn't just sit there languishing in the comments section of an Ed Hall post, nay, it needed to shine. Spread your wings and fly baby bird...fly! This isn't just your ordinary everyday run of the mill live cuts compilation. No-sirree-Bob. Negative. What you got here, is a collection of some of the best bands of the era, killing it live, and captured in pristine audio clarity. These recordings manage to capture the energy of the live show without sacrificing the chest compressing "thud" you expect. Excellent
Also, on an historical note, Rise Records was the predecessor of Man's Ruin Records, which was the predecessor of Frank Kozik being hunted down by every creditor in the known universe. Nice right?
The bands are:
Ed Hall
American Psycho Band
DL:  live at emo's

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