Thursday, November 29, 2012

crime in choir - self-titled

label: omnibus
released: 2002

i've heard them described as don caballero with synths...a more structured sounding tortoise with a slight prog overtone

and i suppose they'd all be right...though i would also compare them to the italian prog band goblin (you might know their work by the soundtracks they've done for director dario suspiria)...and with that comparison you could also throw in king crimson and pre-1976 genesis and honestly...the only reason i picked up this album was the involvement of hella drummer zach hill (this was the only album he played on)....i was impressed by zach's playing on this...i'd been a fan for awhile before i found out about this band...and i was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was actually able to lay down some actual beats instead of being all filler and no killer as he is in hella...and don't get me wrong...the stuff in hella is still jaw dropping (the one time i saw them live...all i could do is just stand there and curse my body for not being able to to that)...but it seemed as if he could never really dedicate himself to laying down anything solid

but...i've prattled on long enough...i've either convinced you to get this...or that i have a man crush on zach hill....either/or...i'm comfortable in both scenarios

DL: crime in choir

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