Monday, November 12, 2012

Kaiten - Kaiten

Label: self released
Year: 2010

Well, as hard as I tried to avoid the inevitable, here we are, all listening to the Kaiten album. How did we get here? Was it the kind words of a visitor to the blog inviting us to sample in the unheard delights of his labors? Was it when we all found out this stranger had the largest cock in the entire Spanish Empire (does a defaulting Spanish economy actually hold empire over anyone anymore?)? Could it have been the sentient arguments he made in defense of Kaiten's impending opening gig for the Meat Puppets?
All of the above.
So I listened. A couple of times. Then I didn't listen anymore, only to go back and listen again for the sake of writing this review.
The Good:
- On the first track, the vocals are very Hammerhead-esque, I like Hammerhead
- I appreciate the mix of Shellac styled noise rock, (early) Screaming Trees styled rock rock, and         Bastro styled math rock
- With better recording/production, these songs could really bite
The Bad:
- The snare sound
- The guitar tone is too thin
- The bass tone is almost nonexistent
- The instrumental track drags a bit too long
The Ugly:
- The band's need to fix that font

Overall though, the lesson learned is: I respond well to criticisms, personal attacks (the wilder the better), anti-muslim screeds, and boasts about ones manhood. So, if you want to make a fan, please feel free to launch a campaign of those tactics, it would make my day.



ian said...

Gray, you are quite the gentleman. I have read this guy's posts and I found his 'tactics' both irritating and interesting. He insults one second and then pleads for you to review his fucking band. Although he did type 'puto' in his comments a couple of times. I'll give him points for that. Never get tired of reading that word.

Anonymous said...

Nacho said...

kaiten split 2 years ago, i have only a few vinyl records and i would like to send you one copy thanking your criticism. It´s not a very positive criticism but enough for me, because your blog is amazing. Send me your address by email and i will send you a copy of kaiten vinyl record. Sorry about the production, but it´s my fault, i´ve always been "amateur" and the music and the design was made all by myself. No merchandising. No promotion. No videos. publicity sucks. Today i feel very happy because my record was commented in "shiny gray monotone", my favourite music blog. I sincerely thank you. Sorry for calling you "puto" or "muslim", was part of my role trying to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Smelly foreigner.

Gray said...

I dont see it as a that "bad" a review. The intention was to say that the songs are good, just the production takes some of the energy away. And the logo is...well, not too hot, but hopefully you don't lose any sleep over that bit of graphic critique.

I don't post records on this blog just to make fun of them and act like an asshole, I mean, what's the fun in being an asshole (ask your father)? Plus, that would defeat the whole purpose of the blog, which is to share music we feel passionately about, and hopefully get the readers to investigate, purchase, support, and love the same bands we do.

For all the shit music out there, I rarely begrudge anyone for trying, because ultimately, if you are following your own inspiration and making music, then that's a beautiful thing, wheather I like that music or not is beside the point. Lord knows, I've written enough bad music myself that I can't begin casting dispersions on other's creativity. So, I hope you continue on making music, and I hope you make it the way you hear it in your own head, not the way anyone else tells you is "good" or "bad", and I hope that when you have some new tunes you badger the shit out of this blog to hear them. I will look forward to that.

No need to apologize for the name calling, it's all in good fun. Please feel free to continue.

Love your body.

Steve Brooks said...

Love that spanish sound!
It`s something beetween Macho-Rock and Garage Floripon.

Anonymous said...

Those fucking innkeepers from León...

Anonymous said...

Hi 6!

Anonymous said...

What do you know of microscopes? You have not seen a microscope in your fucking life of bobo!

Anonymous said...

Bueno que pasa esto no es en Leones?

Houston Party, we have a problem. said...

Best Post-HC band from Delta of Bernesga.

Good of feets.

Michael Bolton said...

About vocals... is he speaking english?? really??

Nachocamacho said...

Put a proxy or something!!!

Nicanor said...

I make twice as much money as you, clown

La clave de Balbín said...

And what, fucking tolais, start a band YOU AND LOOK TO SEE WHERE Salis, FUCKING CLOWNS.

Gray said...

This thread of comments has really exceeded my's as if up is down, black is white...I don't know where anything begins or ends anymore!

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