Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chrissakes - Live 04-22-11 - Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

First thing: this show was recorded and uploaded to the internet by Southern Shelter, a truly indispensable source for super high quality live music coming from and through Athens, Georgia (and there's a ton). You should visit the site here.
Second thing: I listened to this show yesterday at work, and it reminded me (again) of just how much insanely good music is produced each year in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. There's fucking tons of it. And for whatever reasons, most of it goes unnoticed outside of a 100 mile radius of these two cities.
I'm aware that most places have a "good scene that nobody knows about" or whatever, but I'm telling you, Atlanta and Athens are different. For the sheer volume of ripping rock bands per square foot, these places should be inundated with high praise and should be wall to wall tits in here (always room for a Bachelor Party reference, right?)! So to that end, I will most likely pull together another compilation of local bands to post so that maybe someone, somewhere, will finally decide this burg is worth a shit.
Third thing: Chrissakes (who are broken up? [can someone get back to me on that?]), deliver some of the best Hammerhead meets Cherubs meets Nirvana (they cover "Negative Creep" here) meets Loudspeaker music I've heard. Ever. It's quintessential roiling, boiling, bass heavy, ugly, noise rock. All the elements you like about the noise rock you grew up on are here, just where you left them. Reanimated and reinvigorated for your pleasure. Engaging, releasing, lapping and plunging (always room for a fIREHOSE reference too), you know?
Do yourself a favor.



James Joyce said...

Ragin' Full-On dude.

DyessDave said...

DL'd this a couple of years ago. Still listen to it often. Not sure if they are broken up or not.

Anonymous said...

They are indeed broken up, sadly. The drummer moved away.

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