Saturday, August 11, 2012

V/A - Skate Rock vol. 5 - Born To Skate

Label: High Speed Productions
Year: 1987

If you listen to Eight Days A Week and don't immediately associate it with Hosoi, Rob "The Barn" Roskopp, and Clause Grabke shredding the Raging Waters "boomeramp", then I am going to insist that you either rent Wheels Of Fire this very instance and study the video at least 6 times prior to hearing this Skate Rock compilation again, or, I will assume you are thinking "what the fuck is this fucking music?" and then go about your well-adjusted and most likely successful life.
Eight Days A Week (all hail Claus Grabke) aside, the majority of this Skate Rock volume is dedicated to the very particular "Venice Beach" strain of crossover thrash. The mutant offspring of Suicidal Tendencies, complete with squealing guitar solos and requisite flipped-bill painter's caps. As far as music to skate to, you could certainly do worse.
Aside from the thrash, you'll get some straight up punk, alternative rock, and whatever shit you would categorize Racer X as. Also, this was a cassette only release (perfect for popping it into the boombox and blasting it from the deck of the neighborhood quarterpipe as you tried your hardest to figure out fastplants).
I'm going skating tomorrow with my son, and I predict a broken pelvis.

The bands:
Racer X
Eight Days A Week
Condemned Attitude
No Mercy
Naked Lady Wrestlers
Screamin Lord Salba and His Heavy Friends

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