Sunday, August 12, 2012

Butterglove - The John Morand Session

Label: Speed Kills
Year: 1997

The release date of 1997 is a bit of a red herring, as this was recorded in 1989 (live on a 2-track machine no less), but I guess nobody got around to it until a decade later. "This", being a Butterglove recording session of course. And "Butterglove" being the band Pen Rollings was doing after Honor Role, and before Breadwinner, and Ladyfinger, and Loincloth.
Butterglove sounds more like Loincloth than Honor Role (or Breadwinner for that matter), it's a sorta stoner rock take on the math rock template that Mr. Rollins helped to shape. The songs are instrumental (with minor exception, there are some lyrics buried into the mix on occasion), and could have maybe benefited from some (more) vocals of some type, but the riffs chug along with enough gusto and heft, and there are math-y enough changes to keep the songs moving right along, so unlike most(ly) instrumental music, this one never bores. I think there are some early 90's hardcore bands (No Escape) that owe a debt of gratitude to Butterglove, whether they know it or not.



Slander Bob said...

FUCK YEA! I've been searching for this for years. I had the original demo on a tape that Penn had givin me at a gig. Appeciate it!

Anonymous said...


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