Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Want - Acid Millennium

Label: Mack-Daddy
Year: 1997

How's about something a little different?
You know how when you flip through used records in the store (people still do that, right?), and you flip past Black Sabbath and see Bloodrock, and think "that's a bitchin' name, I wonder if they're any good"? You keep flipping past bands like, Cactus, James Gang, Black Oak Arkansas, Dust, Leafhound, Sir Lord Baltimore and the like, with all their scratched up covers and dog-eared corners. Well, eventually, you suck it up, you pay your $3 and you go home to see what these bands are all about, quick to discover just how dedicated to boogie these bands were, and maybe just how dedicated to boogie you are (metaphysical shit, man).
The Want would have absolutely been in league with these types of bands. They would have had an early time slot at California Jam 1974, but they would have rocked the suede fringe off all those sun-baked burnouts.
Big, deep, rocking grooves, and self comparisons to Humble Pie, get it. Personnel from: Eighteen Wheels Burning
This is their third album, and later Southern Lord put out a compilation of tracks from their second and third albums. I'll get the second one up here soon if you're interested, but don't have the first one.


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kittyempire said...

Gray, this is good... please post the other one. I'm enjoying those radio show posts too... if you have any more please up them.

Keep up the good work in the absence of Ipecac. You always post the best stuff anyway. Oh yes he did.

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