Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hum - Live - Fun Fun Fun Fest - 11-06-11

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

Is Fun Fun Fun Fest the best festival in the United States? Seems like it. If you like festivals I suppose. I don't, but lots of people do. Most people don't have a problem being around lots of other people, but I do. Not into it. Not that I'm agoraphobic or anti-social or anything (shit, ask around, people LOVE me), but the thought of standing around all day in a parking lot sitting through so many bands that all begin to bleed together into a mess, waiting for that ONE band you've always wanted to see, only to be 100 yards away and surrounded by 10,000 douchebags who insist on singing every word in order to prove to you that THEY are the true fans of this band, and holding their phones up the entire show so as to capture the moment that they are ostensibly actually LIVING...well, that's just not my bag.
Fun Fun Fun Fest seems to get the best bands (maybe Fuck Yeah Fest gives them a run for their money), and if I was going to go to one of these festivals, that'd be the one. Or the Chaos in Tejas one. Or Fuck Yeah. Or if Scion does another one of their car commercials in Atlanta again (that was a great show), then maybe that one too.
Sound quality is B+, audience recording.
Hum rip.



Acer Jabed said...

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ian said...

Thanks for putting this up! Big HUM fan here.

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