Thursday, April 5, 2012

tom waits - bone machine/bone machine: the operator's manual

both released 1992

what can be said about the masterpiece that is BONE MACHINE that hasn't been said already....

if'n i had the cash...i'd pay tom waits to play it live in it's entirety

and of course...he'd have to bring along some of his pals that played on the album

pals with names like les claypool and keith richards and bryan mantia (aka "brain")

and the stage has to look like a basement with only cement walls and a hot water heater (as that's where the album was recorded)

and if you like songs about death and murder and revenge and the apocalypse and the blues...well,kid...this is for you

and that brings us to THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL...

this was a promotional cd that was put out for radio stations

it has tom explaining the meanings behind some of the songs and the making of the album

it's kind of like sitting at the bar next to the guy that's been there since the bar opened

"bone machine...get'll love it...don't lose your operating manual...that's what i say"

DL: bone machine

DL: bone machine: the operator's manual

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Bryn said...

Thanks for this double... will be interesting to hear the 2nd part, which will be new to me!

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