Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey folks... long time, no post.

Not dead, obviously, as you're reading this; merely back from keeping my life from falling apart in the midst of divorce and all the personal turmoil that may entail to folks who have an inkling as to what that sort of thing entails.

Bear with me for a moment, and allow me to say there are many women in my life whom I love very much; some are sisters, some are like brothers, some have been lovers, some have been and very much are the very best of friends. Another is my mother, another is her mother, and another is my ex-wife. I love them all.

I've got a lot of love.

Here is Hole's 1995 Unplugged set, where we get a setlist comprised of some of the best songs Hole ever put to tape along with two Nirvana covers, an abbreviated version of Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf', and a pretty nifty rendition of the Donovan classic, 'Season of the Witch'.

Hate me for posting this, or don't. Either way, I love this, and I'm sharing this for the women I love.

The setlist follows:

01 - Miss World
02 - Best Sunday Dress
03 - Softer Softest
04 - Drown Soda
05 - He Hit Me (The Crystals Cover)
06 - Asking For It
07 - You've Got No Right (Cover of Nirvana's 'You Know You're Right')
08 - Old Age (Nirvana cover)
09 - Hungry Like The Wolf (Aborted Duran Duran cover)
10 - Doll Parts
11 - Sugar Coma
12 - Season of the Witch (Donovan cover)

Hole - Unplugged, 1995



ipecac said...

let the shit storm begin....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after what happened to Kurt, that Hole is staying Unplugged.

lex dexter said...

Good luck with the harshness, m'man. You've definitely got the right attitude.

ipecac said...

actually...any comments pertaining to that whole "courtney killed kurt" thing will get deleted....

because fuck that shit.

that's why.

Anonymous said...

I don't actually believe that at all. I just saw the opportunity to bring that joke back.

"He Hit Me" is a Phil Specter cover, by the way.

ipecac said...'s a crystals cover

phil spector just "guided them"

abbottoirez said...

A couple of things;

1. I second the fucking of that particular shit.

2. Eric Erlandson is/was an under-rated guitarist.

3. Does the rendition of 'Drown Soda'from this here Unplugged set sound even heavier than the electric version from the Teenage Whore 7" to anyone else but me?

Gray said...

First off: thank god Abbottoirez is back! Hail Abbottoirez!

Second off: sorry to hear about the personal stuff, that's never a good deal no matter what the circumstances leading up to it.

Third off: ...I'll leave my opinion of Hole out of it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously! The worst Unplugged session ever! I'm not a pretentious music snob by any means, but this band just doesn't have the chops to pull off an acoustic set. Difficult to listen to, and an embarrassing spectacle to see. I mean, come on! This band really did suck! Riding a dead husbands coattails to the grave! Full on White Trash!

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