Sunday, April 1, 2012

the reactionaries - 1.79 - george hurley's shed on 17th st. - san pedro,ca

this is just a group of guys getting together in a garage and playing some music

"oh yeah? and who are these guys? what are their names?"

some guy named martin tamburovich does some singing

some guy named d. boon plays some guitar

some guy named george hurley plays some drums

some guy named mike watt slaps some bass

"hey,waitaminute. i recognize some of those names. aren't they..."

no...they weren't in that new wave cover band that you saw your cousin's band play with at the battle of the bands

all but vocalist martin tamburovich went on to form the minutemen...though he'd work with them from time to time by traveling with the band or by contributing lyrics to various songs...he also started a record label called new alliance records with d. boon and mike watt

he passed away back in december of 2003 due to complications from a bacterial infection

and thus ends the wikipedia portion of our show

the band never officially released any actual albums as they were only together roughly a year

this is a recording of a band practice

1 - 1979
2 - the big lie
3 - cheap false teeth
4 - video madonna
5 - my heroes
6 - getting existential on the beach
7 - innuendo
8 - god and country
9 - brigate rosse

DL: the reactionaries in george hurley's garage


lex dexter said...

So my ex grew up in Pedro, worked at SST, blah-blah. When I moved from OR to Michigan, I was soon joined by a mutual friend who staffed New Alliance for years. 'Can't wait to pass this along to him - not my ex, tho - as it'll blow his mind. At the Easy Action show Sat. nite we were discussing the Firehose reunion shows, so this couldn't be timelier. Thanks so fugging much! And thank you for mentioning Martin T.'s contribution. There was great sadness among my people when he died.

sheds garages said...

Your shed is very beautiful and lovable to see. It still has the attraction after long years.

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