Sunday, April 1, 2012

minuteflag - self-titled ep

released 1986

take everything you know about black flag and the minutemen...all of the anger..all of the hate...henry's sweaty little black shorts...and put it all in a box and go to an open throw it all out

now...picture the boys (and girl) sitting around a fire singing "kumbaya"

and now you know what you're getting into with this

this is made up of some free jazz jams and a d. boon/henry rollins story about getting water from a river to bring back to mom so she can boil potatoes...but something happens along the way...and by the time you get home...she's fried the potatoes and they're all gone

who hasn't had that happen to them?

the players and their parts:
d. boon - vocals/guitar
henry rollins - vocals
greg ginn - guitar
mike watt - bass
kira roessler - bass
george hurley - bongos
bill stevenson - drums

both bands agreed that this would never see the light of day until one of the bands split up

the minutemen won

happy birthday,d. boon

DL: minuteflag

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