Tuesday, April 10, 2012

gin mill - patron

released 1994

this was left on out doorstep by none other than chris moree (you may have seen his name mentioned on the SGM here and there in reference to the band uncle touchy and who to accept candy from)

and on the side of the box...there was a note proclaiming that they sound like "mule meets killdozer and helmet in some spots...and whatever you do...do not feed them after midnight or get them wet"

so we brought the box in and set it on a table...and all it did was stare at us...for a really long time...and we stared back....

and before we were going to name it the winner of the staring contest...someone blurted out "press play! and we need more toilet paper!"

and seeing as how none of us wanted to go to the grocery store (namely because we could never tell if the bag boy was undressing us...or he just had slow eyes...and normally that's something we like...but he smells like our mothers...and that's just weird...and yes...in case you were wondering...we all go places at the same time)...we just mumbled something and pressed play

which turns out...was an awesome thing to do

not only was mr. moree right in his claiming of such things...but we also caught a hint of unsane and keelhaul and some deadguy...

and with all of those bands name getting thrown around...we need to go and change our pants

we suggest you do the same

and you will listen to the hive

DL: patron


Anonymous said...

Dude from Crawlpappy was in this band

Brootlyn Zu said...

would it be possible to re-upload this? thank you...

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