Tuesday, April 10, 2012

beehoover - the sun behind the dustbin

released 2007

when not playing in the german doom band voodooshock...bass player ingmar petersen (who also provide vocals here) and drummer claus-peter hamisch are doing this

"why is this getting posted here? ipecac...have you been drinking?"

first of all...if you even need to ask that question...why are you here?...you're not my real dad!...and if i wanna listen to iron maiden's KILLERS album loudly after 8:00...i'm going to...


that's my thing...and i need to work it out on my own time...


now...you shouldn't be scared away by the words "german" and "doom" (well...not in this case anyway)

are you a fan of some of the more spacey sounding antics of primus? (ie: PORK SODA)

what about tool? (just sit down guy in the back...we get it...you don't like tool...and you're ironically wearing that t-shirt)

have you ever found yourself listening to the band system of a down and thinking "you know...the band is ok...but the vocals,maaaaan"? (and it's ok that you admit to doing so...but only in reference to the band's first album...anything after that...you're on your own)

what about pink floyd?...do you like the pink floyd?...though i don't really like admitting it...this reminds of their A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON/THE DIVISION BELL albums (and yes...there was a time that i'd admit to somewhat liking A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON...but for only like a second...maybe two)

so...with all of that being said...if you want to hear the lack of a guitar done the right way...this is a prime example of how to do that

DL: the sun behind the dustbin

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MJK said...

My band is the only band in the whole world that can play 4/4 and then make a sudden and genious shift into 3/4 time signature. That is really progressive.

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