Monday, March 5, 2012

pound wi - i've got a terrible secret

released 1999

this was passed my way via the united sons of toil vocalist/guitarist russell hall

this was the band he fronted before tusot...they were together for about six years...and released a few albums...a few 7"...contributed to some compilations...and did a split

this was the band's last album

after all this came to a stop...russell continued to play in the post-punk avant jazz instrumental band p'elvis...bass player jon terrones continued playing in a band called omn (and is now in a band called the suit)...and drummer jerry mcdougal went into art school (he was also member of a band called drive by wendy at the time)

why am i telling you all of this?...i like to share facts...and who knows...maybe they google their names from time to time to see if they're brought up anywhere (like you don't do that yourself)

and now for the music...

so if you dig some united sons of toil...and the melvins (pre-2000)...and shellac...and unwound...and hum...and sonic youth...and fugazi...

you know what....let's just say that this would be SGM's wet dream if we allowed it to dream (just be happy we don't...that's all i'm saying)

and if you'd ever wondered what it would sound like if steve albini would just admit his pop music sensibilities and cover the prince jam "when doves cry"...well...this is probably as close to that as you're going to get

DL: i've got a terrible secret

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