Friday, February 3, 2012

melvins: sugar daddy live split series

from the desk of amphetamine reptile:

the melvins will be doing a series of 12" records starting in 5-6 weeks. The 13 record Sugar Daddy Splits series is the Melvins tracks from their Ipecac "Sugar Daddy" CD combined with bands they love from past, present, and future. Okay, maybe not future. Starting it off, COWS and the U-MEN!!! Pressing sizes will be a lot larger than recent projects, and way more affordable. But still slick as %$#@ Let the stupid questions that would've already been answered had some one bothered to read this far - BEGIN!

One song per side, 33 1/3 rpm 180 grain Splatter vinyl.
Silk screened print.
Price not yet set (likely in the $20ish range)
Release date - not yet set. 5-7 weeks estimated.
No subscriptions.
We can't list all the tracks now, but some are previously released material by defunct bands, and some new exclusive material from current bands.

from the melvins facebook:

WANT TO WIN a copy of the first SUGAR DADDY LIVE split series release, featuring MELVINS and U-MEN? Here's how, in three easy(?) steps:

1) Change your profile picture to the cover art of your favorite MELVINS release. Leave it that way until the contest is over.

2) Tell us in 10 words or less why that release is your favorite. More than 10 will disqualify you.

3) Guess the date (US Eastern time) that our Facebook fan page will hit 101,000 members. Only guesses posted to this comment thread will count.

The FIRST person to guess the correct date and follow the other 2 steps will be the winner! Anyone who doesn't follow all 3 steps will not qualify.

Want to guarantee you will win? Pick tomorrow and get 4,700 of your friends to like us by then.

small print: Only entry per person - duplicates will be deleted. Fake names/fan page entries are not eligible. All non-entry comments will be deleted. Post any links or abusive comments and you will be banned from commenting on this fan page. Anyone, anywhere can win, but if you live outside the US, you will be responsible for any special import duties/fees levied by your government. Offer not valid on the moon.

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