Wednesday, February 8, 2012

melvins - 9.13.91 - lounge ax - chicago,il

now...i'm an illinois native...but i'd never attended a show there before it closed back in 2000...mainly because i was just some stupid kid that didn't know any better (we've all been there)...and from the impressive line up of bands that had passed could've been mtv's 120 minutes as a building back in the day

the word "institution" always seems to get thrown in reviews and whatnot

and whenever someone talks about the place...they kind of just stare off into nothing with a smile and a glazed look in their eyes

and you know...if it was good enough to be included in the movie HIGH FIDELITY...that must mean something

oh...and some band called the melvins played there

1 - charmicarmicat
2 - it's shoved
3 - antioxidote
4 - oven
5 - euthenasia
6 - if i had an exorcism
7 - boris
8 - wispy
9 - eye flys
10 - adolescent wet dream*
11 - cow
12 - vile
13 - hog leg

*=pussy galore cover

DL: melvins @lounge ax

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