Wednesday, February 8, 2012

helmet - some random crap

this was something i came across while looking through some files on my computer

it's a collection of random stuff culled from some compilations and whatnot


1 - army of me
2 - lord of this world
3 - complete
4 - custard pie
5 - street crab (live)
6 - impressionable
7 - symptom of the universe
8 - sinatra
9 - turned out (live)
10 - rude
11 - you borrowed (live)
12 - gigantor

1=bjork cover from the MUSIC FOR OUR MOTHER OCEAN compilation (1996)

2=black sabbath cover from the VOLUME ELEVEN: READING SPECIAL compilation (1994)

3=from the JOHNNY MNEMONIC soundtrack (1995)

4=led zeppelin cover w/david yow on vocals from the ENCOMIUM: A TRIBUTE TO LED ZEPPELIN compilation (1995)

5=from the METALLURGY compilation (1995)

6=from the DOPE-GUNS 'N FUCKING IN THE STREETS: VOL.5 compilation (1990)

7=black sabbath cover from THE JERKY BOYS soundtrack (1995)

8=from the AMPHETAMINE REPTILE PEEL SESSIONS compilation (1992)

9=from the JABBERJAW: GOOD TO THE LAST DROP compilation (1994)

10=from the AMPHETAMINE REPTILE PEEL SESSIONS compilation (1992)

11=from the IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS compilation (1993)

12=from the SATURDAY MORNING: CARTOONS' GREATEST HITS compilation (1995)

DL: random helmet crap

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