Sunday, February 19, 2012

far - quick

released 2008

some of you might think that this really doesn't belong here

some of you might think that this fits in nicely amongst everything else and recall some fond memories of days gone past

some of you might find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife

and you might ask yourself "well,how did i get here?"

this (the band's second album) was originally released in 1994...and then quickly went out of print

on this (the re-release) get 3 covers (pj harvey's "sheela na gig"/madonna's "live to tell"/led zeppelin's "heartbreaker"...which also has a nice little nod to helmet)

the band split up back in 1999...but reformed and released an album back in 2010 (AT NIGHT WE LIVE)...but apparently that's all the band could muster and split up once again (as vocalist jonah matranga put it..."there's too much drama")

DL: quick

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